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Imagine if all Earths' continents were connected and we were all one nation, what would life be like and what kind of world would this be?

If somehow all the islands, countries, continents floated along the oceans and joined together, would this cure our "differences"?

Would this put an end to war, racism, hate, greed, power struggles etc? And would everyone stop to help each other rather than live only to help themselves?

After all, we share the same Earth so we are all connected one way or another. This world is our community. It is important to look out for one another, is it not?


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  • Mar 14 2012: As per Wegners Continental Drift theory, few million years ago all the continents were together as one landmass. due to earth's internal forces they started drifting apart to their current positions. your thought could have become real at that time. but alas... we humans didnt exist in that duration. :-) also there exists a possibility that after few million years all continents may come together, but i doubt if humans can survive that long. :-)
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      Mar 15 2012: What if the Earth decides to melt before humans be deceased? :-)
      • Mar 15 2012: lol... i was talking about scientific possibilities. but if we want to go out of box and think crazy, i wont deny that tomorrow there is a possibility of earth revolving around the moon.

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