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Imagine if all Earths' continents were connected and we were all one nation, what would life be like and what kind of world would this be?

If somehow all the islands, countries, continents floated along the oceans and joined together, would this cure our "differences"?

Would this put an end to war, racism, hate, greed, power struggles etc? And would everyone stop to help each other rather than live only to help themselves?

After all, we share the same Earth so we are all connected one way or another. This world is our community. It is important to look out for one another, is it not?

  • Mar 14 2012: And if males and females lived together in equality we would all be living happily ever after.
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      Mar 15 2012: Would we really? Or would there be a power struggle between our genders?
      • Mar 15 2012: Sarah, How would you describe the relationship between the genders as of now? I believe that authentic equality, acknowledged and implemented, would cause all males and females to enjoy each other and life itself as well as result in a whole stream of other positive payoffs, e.g., good health, peace on our Earth, prosperity, self-actualization, truth, love, joy.
      • Mar 18 2012: Oh, Sarah. I am hoping you will describe the current relationship between the genders.
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          Mar 18 2012: Of course Rhona. I am wandering to what extent of "equal" both genders will become as in this current world, some cultures treat women unfairly as I have myself experienced and other cultures are striving to assist women in making their mark on the world.
      • Mar 19 2012: Sarah, please tell me where women have participated as equals in designing any major societal system, e.g., political, religious, economic, medical, legal, academic.
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    Apr 14 2012: in my true opinion , if you want people to come together , then you have to see their mutual interest and group them together in order to create harmony and love .
    nature has created us to see our own benefits first , and so we does , but our benefit is not always the others one . this repels us from others .

    coming to your question , what could be the routes , :- its difficult to answer and to make understood all others because it leads to great secrifice of your time , your loved ones and put your yourself behind , which unfortunately this world is not ready .

    the world can not unite until we feel the pain of each and every one as we feel the pain in any part of our body .which is if your nail is broken , you can not sit silent and watch and wait until your pain is gone .
  • Mar 31 2012: I was previously one of the most judgmental individuals on the planet. I knew all of the answers to any question without question (just ask me:). I now understand that the key to connecting the worlds population is not geography or philosophy but rather relieving ourselves of the burden of judgement of ourselves and others. The absence of judgement, expectation and fear contributes significantly to the harmonious co-operation between this worlds wonderful and fantastic species we are all privileged to be a part of.
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    Mar 18 2012: Of course Rhona...I have seen and experienced the unfair treatment of women in some cultures (mostly 3rd world) from men although in other cultures (mostly western), women are striving to make their mark on the world and the system for themselves. I am wandering to what extent of "equal" we would become as these two genders settle to a broader perspective for humanity.
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    Mar 16 2012: Hi Sarah,

    We all want the world you imagine. How to get it is another thing altogether. Those who want power (the quest for top male) will resort to whatever means to get it. Many governments have the means to improve the conditions of their people, but "he who dies with the most toys wins" often takes precedence.
    Drug cartels and human traffickers are among the list of those who exploit others to build upon their own empires. How do you change that mindset?

    P. J. O'Rourke was a journalist who wrote a book "All the Trouble in the World". He went around the world to determine what the world's trouble was all about. He saw donated food rotting in warehouses where people were starving to death. The government was withholding it because they didn't want their people becoming dependent on free food. They were breeding out of control but weren't productive or self supporting.
    He found mismanagement in governments that were failing. He found people polluting their own environments and getting sick over it. Only the strong were able to survive. It's an interesting read.

    Overpopulation and the pressures of survival fuels a lot of conflict, war, and genocide in some countries. I've often heard it said that war is good for the economy. Fear also fuels a lot of conflict. People will sabotage each other's efforts just to improve their competitive odds. You see that in street gangs and war torn countries like Somalia.

    Education, love for one another, vision for the future, a sense that we are a part of a greater whole, personal integrity and virtue are all factors that will help to move to greater unity. This requires that we rise above our selfish motives. I think the world is heading in that direction. We need to unite with those who want to see a better world, and let the selfish ones fight it out among themselves.
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    Mar 15 2012: I don't think that physical separation is the source of problems.
    What actually is more problematic is the separation in people's minds and that's something you can have even in small communities. Look for example at separation caused by different political or religious ideologies. This kind of separation is much more difficult to deal with than geographical separation.
  • Mar 15 2012: Sarah,I think they already have. To some extent anyhow. Most ordinary people in the world don't wish each other any harm. We like peace and co-operation but there are other interest out there who just want more and more profit and power. They have the means to shape the world and they try to keep us apart because we would be so powerful if we spoke with one voice.

    Until now gentle people had no way to come together, to share concerns and hopes, but that is changing. Here we are talking and isn't it wonderful? I do worry about the future and I don't know what is going to happen but I have faith in people. My earnest hope is that the spirit of humanity will rise to reshape the world as we would have it.
  • Mar 14 2012: jokes apart. the differences that exist today are mainly out of competition and the learning received by individuals from their environment and culture. even if u eliminate physical boundaries, the mental barriers in terms of stereotypes n prejudices might remain there. special efforts will be required for removing them. even though helping each other will solve our problems effectively, we arent trained to view things frm such broad perspective.
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      Mar 15 2012: Interesting. What means would you suggest to effectively solve our problems today?
      • Mar 15 2012: unfortunately i dont see many practical solutions to completely solve these problems as the resources available for our survival are limited. also some human tendencies like need for power and achievement are likely to maintain the struggle. but still few principled leaders like Mahatma Gandhi can reunite the people to walk on the path of nonviolence and exist peacefully with each other. again this still remains a possibility on the paper.
      • Mar 15 2012: one more solution can be to focus upon peaceful principles from corresponding religion as many people have strong faith in their own religion. everyone should learn to leave with minimum needs. as per Buddha, the craving and aversion within us are the root cause of suffering we are going through. to end the suffering we should stop craving. finally all this change begins with I. The best thing we can do is to change ourself first.
  • Mar 14 2012: As per Wegners Continental Drift theory, few million years ago all the continents were together as one landmass. due to earth's internal forces they started drifting apart to their current positions. your thought could have become real at that time. but alas... we humans didnt exist in that duration. :-) also there exists a possibility that after few million years all continents may come together, but i doubt if humans can survive that long. :-)
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      Mar 15 2012: What if the Earth decides to melt before humans be deceased? :-)
      • Mar 15 2012: lol... i was talking about scientific possibilities. but if we want to go out of box and think crazy, i wont deny that tomorrow there is a possibility of earth revolving around the moon.
  • Mar 14 2012: This is a really imaginative and interesting question. Unfortunately, I don't think such a geographical arrangement would change us. I think the tendency for factions to rule and force those under them to fight a perceived 'enemy' would still shape our world.

    In fact after the initial excitement was over I think we would look around and see the same greedy people in charge. It is the people that need to come together.
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      Mar 15 2012: How can people come together? What are the routes to this beautiful revolution?