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If every day there is more and more people on Earth, why we are growing so apart and disconnected from each other?

As a latina, I am use to touch, get close to people, to share. Living in the US, I missed "the human touch", the warm, the getting together.


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    Mar 16 2012: the culture of the internet and the dissonance it creates play a large part in the new dimension of communication that we face today. This new dimension of communication isn't necessarily bad, but if it becomes so big that it completely replaces face to face communication or verbal communication then we would be in quite a sticky situation
    • Mar 17 2012: The real problem is really recent. And the great second problem is when we have created the write. Now we can see the past, the present, and the future. The first problem is when we discovered the sero number. The thirst problem is when we erased the mathematics, that was been developed in South America when Spanish went there.
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      Mar 19 2012: This is true, as we have replaced face to face conversations with internet chats and phone conversations. A The synthesis of the two is most ideal and rewarding-chatting face to face when ever possible and internet chatting when face to face isn't possible. It's the idea that one absolute is superior to another that leads us into one hole or another because really, it's the synthesis of things that make it work.

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