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If every day there is more and more people on Earth, why we are growing so apart and disconnected from each other?

As a latina, I am use to touch, get close to people, to share. Living in the US, I missed "the human touch", the warm, the getting together.

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    Mar 15 2012: Hello Joy, thanks for your comment. No, no studies and it is only my perception. I am not talking about the pace of the big cities, I am talking about the moments that we share with each other and specially the "human touch". Do we hug enough? Do we kiss enough? Do we embrace the other as our equal? Yesterday at the doctor there was an ad that said " You never know who you'll come in contact with. Take extra care", like the other person is dangerous to us, and I would like to believe that we can get a little closer even if you live in a isolated place. And everything will be a little better, a little warmer...
    Thanks, have a great day.
  • Mar 20 2012: We have created avenues to connect with more people, but we are finding these connections lack purpose and meaning. Basic human connections are built through emotion, as our emotions remain to be our strongest ties to memory. With that said, our connections through social media have come to leave us emotion-less, or numb. I believe part of this is due to over-saturation and over-sharing of non-personal or useless information from others. In other words, our brains merely skim what other people are saying and move on because there is so much crap out there. The other part is simply that we are not biologically fulfilled with the connections. A fully realized and satisfied "human" connection must happen in person, as our brains pick up and feed on far more non-verbal cues than verbal cues when communicating and connecting with others. I think social media has done wonders for introverts, simply because those are the type of people who created it. On the other hand, it has left an empty void in the lives of extroverted people.
  • Mar 20 2012: Can I suggest that although we have built many institutions which struggle to collectivise us, we are a consequence of a diversifying process and we therefore need to spread out rather than contain ourselves. Instead of resorting to the process of resource control i.e warfare, we should collectively respond by building outwards, i.e more investigations into space...then those who want to go can....
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    Mar 20 2012: the mostly homogenious communityes we grew up in for generations and account for our familiar, have been shattered at taking a beating since man's rationality took over . . as soon as we lose our familiar through moving away . . the universe supports any we are (now ) about. Since women stopped offering the breast to their babyes, put them down instead of carry them for at least the first nine months . . the general trend has been to devalue life's love and attention , this is sensed by the babyes, and tooktoo heart by the next generation, exemplified to the core as they were programmed by our example.
    Top this by having prized busyNess and productivity, brushing aside, the art and act of being. . particularly, present, for our children. Can look at humanity and see how a body changes. or how wiring us all up with electricy. . then the computer and now the individual cells. . packing ever more info in less . . . because of our now being assaulted by the electronic static of the macro and micro waves dancing through all creation. . the need. . for time out to catch our bearings. . and maybe just maybe, have the mother bear spirit return to us
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    Mar 17 2012: I change a hug for any computer "like"
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    Mar 16 2012: Now, there is many others ways to connect with people : the internet, facebook, etc..People pass more time connecting online, then life sad, if you think about it!!

    Going back to the pass, is not the best way...but, at least, we would go for a coffee place, lunch and talk to each other.

    Somebody should creat a "facetoface" webpage, you connect online, but you have to meet in less than a week, or your get disconnected...I don't know...just an idea!!

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      Mar 19 2012: yeah, it's true! Sometimes I find people checking their facebook when they are with friends- how ironic!
      There is also a page called meetup that is just that-meeting up based on interests!
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        Mar 20 2012: How sad is that looking at your FB when you are with someone, or talking on your cell.?!

        Is this true "Meetup", I have to check it...just curious!

        Cheers Alec!
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      Mar 20 2012: Most facebook etc is pretty superficial communication.

      I guess humans are best suited to interacting in smaller groups.
      Some of my friends consider ourselves a little tribe.
      While we may intellectually consider all humans equal etc, most are strangers outside our tribe.
      When you walk down the street every person is an individual that is sharing the human experience with us, but apart from us. They are a bit like trees or dogs, you hardly notice most of them.

      There are still face to face communities, but perhaps less of us are involved in these being more individualistic or moving away from hometowns etc. I'm even finding work more competitive, cold and professional and less social and careful than in the past.

      While there are also electronic communities, many of these are a poor substitute for real human contact. Perhaps they are best at staying in touch and connecting with your tribe but not for forming or developing new strong intimate friendships.

      I think some cultures are more individualistic, independent and less community minded, perhaps more competitive and selfish unless there is some natural disaster that brings either the best or the worst out of us.
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        Mar 20 2012: I like that "Some of my friends consider ourselves a little tribe".

        I never put the human experience on that thought "sharing the human experience with us, but apart from us".

        In the same time, human being are not made to live alone...will go crazy, talking, answering to ourselves all the time, interaction is vital for the human race. Some of us can be more of a looner, but still, need the human connection at a certain level.

        I really hope that all experience, good or bad, will bring the best out of us!

        All the best Obey No1kinobe
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    Mar 15 2012: Are there studies that show we are further apart? People used to keep a distance from each other to ensure good hunting around a homestead. There are small villages and tribes for cooperative food production and defense. Maybe some people need space, the expectation of solitude. Others may be more at home with a big affectionate family. I live in a fairly isolated place and I notice many of my neighbors have had addiction and mental health problems so now live in the margins. For me, I don't want to get used to the fast pace of the city, traffic, noise, bright night lights, long lines for everything. I'd rather do without and keep my sanity.
  • Mar 14 2012: More people doesn't mean be more connected among people .There are still conflics、battle、fight everyday around the word.An old saying in china is "enerybody is born to be evil"(although there is still an old saying"enerybody is born to be kind" ha ha),let alone the economic factor behind the complicate world situation.
  • Mar 14 2012: Dear Patricia, Far from it.. i think we are far more connected than ever before. I post soemthing on a social network here in India and pop pop, i have commentsfrom the Land of Rising Sun to the Land of Setting Sun. :)
    Many of us have this huge "friend-list" ... most of them we have neither or know. Yet we converse, talk and share as if we have always known each other. We relate with events (maybe with a little cultural evidence in it) almost transparently. Like here i am Patricia talking to you and the others who have replied. :)
    • Mar 14 2012: I agree with you Nomita but to a certain extent. we may be more connected in terms of conversing, but i think we have lost the ability to connect intimately with one another. we have all these gizmos that for sure make life easire but i think as a result of them we have increased the quantity of connecting but have lost the quality of those connections. :-)
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      Mar 14 2012: Nomita. Sibusiso, thanks for your comments. Sure, we are "connected" but are we "in touch" with each other? Is a "like" on Fb the same as shaking a friend's hand? I dont know, I am just afraid we a re missing something
      Have a great day!!
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    Mar 14 2012: The north IS "colder." You could almost relate it to climate!

    I have not been to the tropics, but I have been a fan of music from places closer to the equator than where I live. And I experience that music as warmer, friendlier.

    Some think this is "natural" because life is harder in cold climates. There could be something to that.

    But we have seen many examples of Europeans (or Americans) coming to warmer climates and NOT softening their approach.

    There is a social sickness on this planet. And, for all intents and purposes, it started in Europe. I could tell you my ideas of where it came from, but that doesn't really matter. It really is a sickness. There is nothing healthy about it. And it needs to be "cured." I am part of a group that is working on one approach to that cure. I can't guarantee you that some day all Americans will greet each other with a kiss on the cheek. But you never know!
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      Mar 14 2012: Lawrence, thanks for participate on the conversation! I am not from the tropics, and the warmest more caring people I found , I found them on the cold and windy patagonia. If the skin is our largest organ, is not getting that much use. I work with children and they will run to you and hug you, and that is a great feeling.
      Kiss on the check? Why not? lets start a trend!!!
      Have a great day.
  • Mar 20 2012: thought provoking thought indeed. I often think about it. There are more of us now on earth but the human touch is gone. Where are we heading indeed. Is this success?
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      Mar 20 2012: Here is what I believe:

      We have grown apart because...
      "men are lovers of themselves, lovers of money,
      self-assuming, haughty, blasphemers,
      disobedient to parents, unthankful, disloyal,
      having no natural affection, not open to any agreement,
      slanderers, without self-control, fierce,
      without love of goodness, betrayers,
      headstrong,puffed up with pride,
      lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God,
      having a form of godly devotion but proving false to it's power"

      Anyways, this is what the scriptures foretold would be happening in our days...the last days.
      You can read more for yourself in the new testament book of 2 timothy chapter 3 verses 1 to 5.

      Any chance Paul had a time travel gizmo and came to 2012 and then went back and penned these words?
  • Mar 17 2012: Humans are drawn to one another yet yearn for independence and Freedom.
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    Mar 16 2012: the culture of the internet and the dissonance it creates play a large part in the new dimension of communication that we face today. This new dimension of communication isn't necessarily bad, but if it becomes so big that it completely replaces face to face communication or verbal communication then we would be in quite a sticky situation
    • Mar 17 2012: The real problem is really recent. And the great second problem is when we have created the write. Now we can see the past, the present, and the future. The first problem is when we discovered the sero number. The thirst problem is when we erased the mathematics, that was been developed in South America when Spanish went there.
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      Mar 19 2012: This is true, as we have replaced face to face conversations with internet chats and phone conversations. A The synthesis of the two is most ideal and rewarding-chatting face to face when ever possible and internet chatting when face to face isn't possible. It's the idea that one absolute is superior to another that leads us into one hole or another because really, it's the synthesis of things that make it work.
  • Mar 16 2012: And does the mass of the Earth increase?
    • Mar 17 2012: Expands and contracts, yet mass stays the same.
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    Mar 15 2012: I guess that climate idea wasn't very "hot."

    It's culture, then. Or what my teacher might call the tone level of the culture.

    Yes, I've worked with children,too, and as a sub-culture they tend to be more "up-tone" and freer with their emotions and their affection than older people.
  • Mar 14 2012: Prevalence of paranoia caused by power and control freaks of the past manipulating human behavior by provoking fear, primarily through the gimmick of "religion."
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      Mar 14 2012: Growing up in church we have "the kiss of the peace" and we hold hands during the Our Father. Here in hte US the peace is a handshake and you only hold hands with your family. Those little details can make a difference in the way you feel or not part of a community.
      Thank You for your reply, have a great day!
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    Mar 14 2012: You're right,my uruguan work partner tells me the exact same thing you describe,it could be that south/central american culture with old world traits and old catholic traditions but he says the western culture has lost or seem to distracted with their toys,i think he's right.
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      Mar 14 2012: Yes Ken, is probably us, the south/americans...maybe we all need a little more of that latino touch. Do you drink mate with your uruguayan work partner? That is the highest level of "touching" that I know without getting into other field...
      Have a great day, thanks for participate on the conversation!
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    Mar 14 2012: I don´t think that. Maybe some groups are growing apart. Maybe you feel that. Maybe you learn to feel that way. Maybe you learn to think in that way and now you feel in that way. Pay attention, is not easy stuff stay alive and aware.