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What is Time?

Time. What is it?
A seperate dimension?, an interelationship of spactial dimensions? Why does it appear to "flow" in only one direction? We seen to exist "in" it, yet its connection to our consciousness seems highly variable from "time flying" to "clocks stopping". Can we really understand anything about Time that would change our Science, Religion and/or Culture? And why do I like Doctor Who so much?

Topics: Space and Time

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    Mar 15 2012: i would go further in describing time in its relation to reality

    Fake time (i.e reality) replaced the real(non-linear time) and just spun itself out like sensory hallucinations during sense-deprivation: generated by low level construct entities…or even by its own hypnoidal automatic process-like stream of association thinking. then it would be tottaly entrpoic, running gradually down-degenerating, but not slowing down in tems of real time; rather, it just discharges itself faster and faster into a vacuum, that of time as receptacle of being.
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      Apr 12 2012: Thanks for your comment.....you know I almost understood a few points you were making....I think I may need to spin myself into a few more sensory hallucinogenics. to catch up to you.....

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