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What is Time?

Time. What is it?
A seperate dimension?, an interelationship of spactial dimensions? Why does it appear to "flow" in only one direction? We seen to exist "in" it, yet its connection to our consciousness seems highly variable from "time flying" to "clocks stopping". Can we really understand anything about Time that would change our Science, Religion and/or Culture? And why do I like Doctor Who so much?

Topics: Space and Time

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    Mar 13 2012: its a product of the universe, it is in our genes(i.e metabolism). but as to the points you made, is binding only to the material. i think time is a spatial(or lack of) quality.
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      Apr 12 2012: Thanks for your comments....hmmmm lack of spatial quality...rather implies our abiltiy to assign any charactersitics that relate to sometime similar....it there anything similar?

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