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An after school self-directed learning program for K-12 students, using internet resources such as TED, Khan Academy, and more

I work at a nonprofit working with no- and low-income families in Orange County, California. We offer informal, after school programs and tutoring , but want to introduce a curriculum that allows our kids to discover the value of education thru directed play and access to internet resources and onsite tutors. We would love sample programs and curricula, resources, suggestions and advice. Please become members of our virtual advisory board.


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  • Mar 26 2012: Actually, in addition to adding "life,", I deleted 2 words--"after school." Instead of a self-directed learning program AFTER school, why not have that be how all of their learning comes about?

    I realize that after school time is the focus of your non-profit. I'm just voicing a thought.

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