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How will you summarize your TED conference experience with your co-workers?

Just back from my 1st TEDActive & wondering how to summarize my experience back to my workplace.
Like most large offices, everyone is asking where I have been for a week and I will likely give a 15 minute story to a mtg at some point. This is of course good since the whole idea of TED is "ideas worth spreading" not just saying "you had to b there be there" or "it was inspirational" which is not exactly helping inspire others to the cause.
Since not the first year TED has occurred, I figure I should ask here since many people have gone back and gained some experience in this area and seen what worked and what did not for them.
My thinking at this point is of course to build a story around it. Use 3 specific examples: a speaker who impacted me, a person I met who changed my perspective, then a specific related to meeting other TEDx organizers and the bounty of ideas that created. Some other data on past event feedback pages also is helping me pick wording (ex. http://www.ted.com/pages/85). TED is such a layered experience that focusing on just one layer diminishes some the impact of the overall experience.
Thanks. Hope everyone is sharing back.

Closing Statement from Edward (Ted) Kenny

Thanks for the advice from all. Used a lot of the advice (especially the perspective of helping them visualize what the week long conference really looked/felt like with some specific examples augmenting it). Used a few pictures I had posted on Flicker then the we visited through different aspects). Avoided trying to explain TEDx vs. simulcast vs. Salon vs. ... terminology since seems to be a lot of terms for people to handle if not already deeply into the subjects. Think have won a number of converts to the TED.com site the past months. Also got feedback on a number of other sources such as SEEDMAGAZINE.com and some local ideas for speakers at our TEDx events in the future. - Thanks, Ted

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      Mar 9 2011: Good recommendations. Thanks for all. I had not thought of just something as simple as showing the basics of just what did happen every day (but you are right that would have been a first order question I would have asked if was not there).