TEDx DVD on Demand

In areas where the lack of internet bandwidth makes accessing TED Talks a challenge, our DVD on Demand Program offers free DVDs to licensed TEDx organizers, featuring customized playlists of the talks they most want to see.

TED launched the DVD on Demand program in 2011, which allows anyone to create a custom TED Talk DVD.

Each DVD can hold up to six TED Talks, with subtitled talks available in up to 32 languages.

TEDx will also contribute DVDs for any TEDx organizers who are holding upcoming events in low-income communities and TEDx in a Box recipients.

TEDx will cover the cost of one DVD, plus standard shipping. If you’re interested in receiving a free DVD for your TEDx event, email us at tedx@ted.com.

Allow 1-2 weeks for application processing time. Once approved, we’ll send you a coupon code, which you can use to order your customized DVD.