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TED Conversations is a social media platform on TED.com that connects people for conversation, collaboration and debate. The platform engages notable TED speakers and the broader TED community in conversations that -- for the first time on a social network — have a time limit. TED Conversations was designed and built from the ground-up to foster meaningful conversation among the global community — more than 15 million monthly users — who visit TED.com and watch TED Talks online.

TED Conversations marks a major step in TED.com's evolution as a social platform. Through the popularity of TED Talks, TED.com has amassed a vast global audience of intellectually curious members eager to engage in meaningful conversation. TED Conversations aims to capture the passion of these visitors and get the entire community — speakers, Fellows, translators and fans — talking, brainstorming and collaborating in real-time.

TED Conversations was made possible by support from TED partner GE, who provided underwriting as well as product inspiration.

Key features

  • Conversation categories — Questions, Debates and Ideas: By asking a question, you can tap into the expertise of the TED community. By proposing an idea, you can elicit constructive feedback. And by initiating a debate, you can lay out a key issue for spirited discussion.
  • Time-boxed conversations: Whether it's one day or one month, TED Conversations are assigned an expiration date to keep the discussion sharp and on-topic. Designed to promote participation among time-pressed users, including TED speakers and conference attendees, the conversations will end on a preset date, at which time the user who initiated it can summarize the discussion with a closing statement.
  • Link conversations to one of the 1500+ TED Talks on TED.com: So users can ask a question, debate an issue or propose an idea that was sparked by watching a talk. This allows a thoughtful exchange among a global community with a shared experience and knowledge base.
  • Tag assignments: To ease navigation, users can search for specific topics such as "architecture," "alternative medicine" or "clean energy."

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