Marketing with TED

TEDsters are smart and passionate — ready to learn, share and take action. Join our diverse community of speakers, attendees, viewers and more to find a place where your company, corporation or foundation can thrive.

Companies and Corporations

Align your message with TED Talks on connects a universe of 12 million curious and engaged thinkers around the world. We can connect your message with the TED community across all of our media platforms, including and mobile.

Build a presence at TED conferences

We work with each partner to determine how your story intersects with the TED audience’s interests. Through experiential cafes, programming, and workshops integrated throughout the conference, we use big ideas to connect your brand with the influential TED community.

Tap into the TED community to gain valuable insights

The TED community encompasses a group of leading thinkers from around the world who regularly work together to solve problems. We can work with you to convene a group of TEDsters whose interests overlap with your own to pursue big ideas relevant to your organization.

Amplify ideas in your organization with the TED Institute

The TED Institute is the professional development arm of TED. Harnessing the entire ecosystem of TED, the TED Institute helps organizations unlock institutional knowledge, surface innovative thinking, and ultimately enhance how they tell their story to the world at large.

Partner with the TED Studio to create custom content

At TED, we understand the transformative power of stories to relay brilliant and complex ideas. The TED Studio will work with partners to develop custom content that compellingly shares your best ideas with an audience open to new thinking.


Support specific TED initiatives in education, health, and technology

TED connects with mission-aligned foundations to collectively advance our shared efforts around the world.

Chronicle success stories with custom content

The TED Studio can help you and your grantees chronicle your success stories through shareable micro-documentaries and narrative-driven photographic essays.

Expose grantees to TED conferences and community

Bring grantees to TED conferences and events, where they can glean insights and network with thought leaders and business executives from around the world.

Share progress with influencers worldwide on

Amplify your history, mission, and progress on Share your work with the intellectually curious TED audience, alongside talks aligned with your goals.

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